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Monday, June 20, 2011

Are the majority of Indians in China medical students?

There a lot of Chinese exports but the most unusual low cost Chinese product in global trade must be English language medical education. The demand from India is high and if the numbers are accurate a majority of Indian residents in mainland China are medical students enrolled in English language MBBS courses (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery). The most recent reported estimate puts the Indian med student population at about 8,000.

According to the 2010 Chinese Census, Indians are the 8th most numerous nationality among foreign residents in mainland China. There are 15,000 Indians, a number that seems low given the larger population of 20,000 Indians in Hong Kong.

Indian students began enrolling in the last decade when modified regulations opened the door to Chinese medical education. Three primary factors drive the phenomenon:

1) Admissions standards for foreign seats at Chinese medical schools are lower compared to Indian medical colleges.
2) Tuition from foreign students is a money earner for Chinese universities but the fees are still much lower compared to the high cost of private Indian medical colleges. (Chinese medical schools are huge and can just add a couple of hundred seats.)
3) A majority of medical students are from Andhra Pradesh, a South Indian state with a particularly strong culture of upper middleclassness (families pushing children to get professional credentials).

There is probably a no more significant conduit of Chinese and Indian cultural interaction than through medical education. By the third year, Indian students must be able to speak some Chinese to work with staff and treat patients at hospitals. Years from now there will be tens of thousands of middle class Indians with years of exposure to China from their university days. I wonder if many of them will have roles in relations between the countries.


  1. China is the answer to India's higher education shortage. It's cheaper to live AND study in China than moving to a metropolitan university in India. More so, if you can't make the cut-off. Kudos for this post on your blog!

  2. It's sad that China is diluting the quality of its educational institutions by importing low IQ Indians.

    1. Are Managements of Indian Medical Colleges (particularly Pvt Colleges) selling their seats to higher IQ students? please enquire. Only money power is the criteria. Just u have to pay 20-30 Lacs more than Tuition Fees to get one seat.

    2. Low IQ Indians???????????????? Ur just a fool who do not have any bit of IQ at all

    3. I think you are so wrong I do not think that the Indian med student in china have low IQ, I am sure that they have go marks, but they miss the cut of point in their own country by said just a few points.

      By the way those who have very good marks for exam. does not mean they are smart. Look at Bill Gate, Thomas Eddison, they are drop out. In fact most of the self make man are suceessful, Did not come from the top school.

    4. Get your facts straight , Bill gates came from a top school , he had excellent grades . He studied at Harvard and dropped out because he achieved his GOAL .

      Secondly most of the Indians in China studying medicine has a low IQ and low low grades , that's why they go there , Believe me .

  3. Your comment brings to mind a chapter in Pallavi Aiyar's book "Smoke and Mirrors" in which she describes a visit to a Chinese medical college with Indian students. There is a newspaper version of that chapter on The Hindu's website, http://www.hinduonnet.com/2006/05/17/stories/2006051707851100.htm

    The problem is not just "low IQ Indians" (although that is a problem Aiyar also brings up). It's also the "barely intelligible" English spoken by the Chinese faculty.

  4. Hey IQ troll, get lost. I find the people who focus on IQ and groups to be insufferable. They are usually individuals who have lives of low achievement. They hype the qualities of their own group as a subsitute for their own low self esteem.

    IQ troll, I suggest you leave my blog and the other blogs you troll and focus on improving yourself.


    I think the Chinese med schools have solved the problem. They just hire Indian faculty for their intl program.

  5. Darn! Did they?? How do I get in on this? Not that I'm into medicine, but after a few years doing the JEE business, I think I'm ready to move into something more "respectable." How's the Chinese market in engg degrees?

  6. There are very few programs other than medicine taught in English in China.

    Almost all Indian students in China are medical students.

    Ive heard 80% of all foreign students (includes short term exchange) in China are South Koreans. (Seems high but in the plausible range.)

    You coach JEE pep?

  7. "IQ troll, I suggest you leave my blog and the other blogs you troll and focus on improving yourself. "

    Hahahahahaha. Rebuttal please.

    Read and ponder:


    About the Indian IQ distribution:


    About the mean Indian IQ:


    Damn, peer reviews suck - they allow all these un-PC truths to be published.

  8. I'm Chinese, but please don't feed the troll who bring IQ issue.

    This is an open forum, everyone can pretend to be anyone.

  9. "I'm Chinese, but please don't feed the troll who bring IQ issue. "

    Definition of troll : a truth-teller who posts unpopular truths on public fora?

    I'm Indian, but please do not feed the troll who calls the truth-teller a troll.

  10. Sorry for the late reply, boss. LOL, yes, I am "in" JEE prep, so to speak. I grade papers and set questions for mock tests! Lowest step on the food chain, man. Advice: don't pursue masters or higher ed. There's no future. Get out there and work the pavement right after bachelors. All you do in college is eat your papa's hard-earned money.

  11. Indians learning medicine abroad is nothing new,
    there was (or still might be) this craze for former USSR countries as well in the past.

    I also read about some Americans coming to China for MBA related courses & studies, so there certainly are instititutes in China with decent English teachers, but like any country those might be on a higher tier of reputation.

    As for IQ guy, i think he might be same guy who has hounded this blog since like months IQ-this & IQ-that.

    His PDF links prove nothing.
    Co-relation betwwen aspects of GDP numbers and IQ of a country has no realtion.
    In-fact there is no such thing as a
    "IQ of country even".
    Its nonsensical.

    IQ is a personal trait and those who are studying in China are going there because of economic reasons, many of them will be skilled and brilliant students, just like in any other learning Institute anywhere in the world.

    A hell lot of Indians went to study medicine in US and UK, they still have the best Medical system anywhere on the planet (its a another mater its not easily affordable for everyone).
    I don't see their system being diluted.

    I doubt India/China suddenly caught a IQ-eating disease in the last 300 years while the rest of the world gobbeld up IQ increasing stuff somewhow.

    I say this as India/China hardly had any equal for the last 2000+ years in terms of economic (GDP numbers bla bla) and social welfare supremacy.

    What was happening to IQ then & for that long too? Weired.

    p.s. Grow up.

  12. Varun writes like a low-IQ Indian.

    Don't even compare India and China. China is a high-IQ North East Asian country, while India is a low-IQ shithole.

    Read this:


    If you don't understand the Math in any of the papers, ask Matka.

    Matka coaches "high-IQ Indians (sic)" - the kind that win gold medals at the International Math Olympiad. Oops ... my bad. Indians hardly win gold at the IMO.

  13. Hey I'm Indian and I came across your blog...Keep up the good job..I like the fact that you are being objective with regards to a sensitive issue (Indo-China relations....You seem to be having a problem with IQ obsessed trolls from both our countries..let them bark..their opinions don't really count does it??

    1. Really!!! He is being objective or is it that you too have slant eyes. B@stard

  14. http://usa.chinadaily.com.cn/business/2011-03/09/content_12145301.htm

    If you read it, you will see the medical education in China is not that bad. The facility is even better. In addition, the passing rate for Indian students from China is also much higher.

    In addition, TMU is not even the top medical university in China.


    BTW, Last year, the first batch of Indian students majoring in medicine at Tianjin Medical University took part in a doctor license screening test held by the Medical Council of India (MCI).
    Among the 6,000 test-takers from around the world, 24-year-old Saurabh Suman – a graduate of Tianjin Medical University – got the second highest score.
    About 65 percent of students from Tianjin Medical University passed the test, a rate five times higher than that of students in India.

  15. Only 8,000... I am sure those 8,000 are also regretting the decision to go there.

  16. Can I get in touch with Indians in final year MBBS course in China? Is there anybody?

  17. China catches eyes of Indian students who are from Middle class family because of less fees structure for doing MBBS in China and become one of the safest place for international students to study degree courses.

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